Premier of new video “Mermaid”

This video is the original multimedia interpretation of the famous Aria by Antonín Dvořák “Rusalka”.
The video was filmed in late July on two beautiful exterior locations in Pushcha-Voditsa and Korostyshevsky canyon.Music video was directed by Denis Davydov Studio Davideo.In our video we wanted to show a small love story with elements of fairy tales and magic that sometimes happens on Midsummer. The main character Natalie Orlie appears in the images of mermaids and forest nymphs who falls in love with the guy playing beautifully on the flute.
Also one of the features of our music video were the dances that was performed by actors of musical Theatre Comme il faut.
Pleasant viewing!
2015-07-22 Natalie-Orlie-Rusalka-2
2015-07-21 Natalie-Orlie-Rusalka-6